What You Need: Automotive Gloves

The Mechanical Repair sector is a £27bn market, employing over 200,000 people in the UK. Whether you’re a tyre fitter, MOT mechanic or a formula 1 engine builder, there’s one thing you all need. Safety Gloves.

Disposable gloves are convenient and perceived as low-cost for mechanics, but here at Pawa, we like to be innovative. Providing a higher-quality glove with better protection than a disposable, that can be worn day after day and can provide a much better cost-effective solution to your company. But what do you need to look for in Automotive Gloves?

Material: The automotive industry has many hazards; abrasion & cut risks, hazardous chemicals, oil and much more. We’ve hand-picked Nitrile. Providing a primary liquid proof layer featuring oil-resistance. Nitrile gloves do an excellent job standing up to hazardous chemicals and solvents. Check out the PG202 and PG510 (with added cut resistance).

Abrasion Resistance: Mechanics hands end up in all sorts of tight and rough spaces, that’s why abrasion resistant gloves are a must for any garage. Look out for the first number under the EN388 icon – 4 is the highest rating and means the glove is ideal for mechanics.

Dexterity: An obvious one, we would think! You need to be able to move your hands freely and easily. High levels of protection shouldn’t hinder your movement. All Pawā gloves have been anatomically crafted to maximise dexterity in every instance. If it is dexterity you need over anything else, go for a Series 1 glove.

Grip: Oily car parts, small tools, bolts and screws. You need something with excellent grip, whether you’re working in oily and/or wet conditions. The nitrile micro foam grip that appears on our automotive gloves works much like a car tyre in the wet – the micro air pockets in the grip dissipate oil and other substances away from the point of contact, maximising grip and reducing the likelihood of any slip.

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