Finding The Perfect Winter Work Glove

British winters seem to be going through a period of change in recent years, we’ve seen it all, extraordinarily mild days to bitterly cold snowy weeks. What doesn’t change however is the need for work to continue and operations need to adapt to the British winter to ensure we keep our workers safe and go home unharmed.

Managing the conditions is key to this and safety, site and operations managers will have plans in place for winter work. Ensuring workers have the right PPE for the conditions is key to achieving zero harm. Below we look at what needs to be considered when specifying the perfect winter work glove.

Always prepare for rain!

Since 2012 the UK has seen rainfall well above the one-hundred-year average. In fact, 2014 saw a record for winter rainfall set by over 50mm on the previous record and the last 5 years has seen more rainfall than any other 5-year period over the last century. Preparing for rain, therefore, is a no-brainer when it comes to selecting an outdoor winter work glove.

Pawā series 2 gloves are all about repelling liquids and excelling in these environments. The PG201 and PG241 are fully dipped in latex, providing a smooth, flexible water-repellent base. This ensures workers are as comfortable as possible and therefore helps maintain productivity levels.

Get a grip!

Following the theme above, having dry hands is one thing, being able to get a grip in wet and slippery conditions can be quite another! In environments where one slip can be fatal, workers need confidence that they have a sound grip – whether carrying a load or operating heavy machinery.

Pawā PG201 and PG241 work gloves employ latex micro foam grip technology where micropores in the foam coating act as mini suction cups providing excellent wet and dry grip.

Stay warm and carry on!

It is well known that correct layering is the most effective way of staying warm, and it is no different when it comes to protective work gloves. Pawā PG241 gloves offer three layers of protection; first, a latex micro-foam grip, second a smooth latex, highly dexterous liquid repellent layer, followed by a fleece-like Brushed Terry Acrylic thermal layer keeping fingers warm and mobile ensuring grip isn’t compromised by a lack of feeling in the fingers.

The cold winter months require gloves that keep hands warm across a multitude of industries and tasks. Keep an eye out for some excellent additions to the Pawā cold protection range coming in the new year, with ultra dexterity and high cut protection.

Be Seen!

Finally, the winter season means lower levels of light, yet many industries have to continue work in the darker conditions, and when it comes to Hi-Visibility, every little helps. That’s why the PG241 gloves are orange in colour.


So much of the UK economy relies on industries where outdoor work is commonplace; construction, agriculture, ports & shipping operations and rail operations to name a few. Whatever the industry, you can FEEL THE PAWĀ as we have a glove for you.

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