About Us

is Pawa

We are Supertouch. We are Pawa. Years of experience and listening has given insight into what matters the most and knowing how the industry ticks is really important to us. We take our users input seriously and we integrate the feedback into our designs.

We are passionate and live and breathe the industry, we understand the major trends and movements that affect construction and other industries. We’ve taken this knowledge and come up with solutions that exceed your expectations.

Since our launch in 1996, Supertouch has become a well-known brand within the UK Protective Workwear & Disposables Industry. Supertouch offer one of the largest ranges of hand protection in the UK and established the Pawa range in 2018.

With over 25 years experience manufacturing and distributing protective gloves, we moved our knowledge into the Pawa range, focusing on making a brand that can really make a difference in the industry.


Pawa makes you feel safe, better performing and comfortable.

Put the Pawa in your hands.